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Horse&Deer "The Stranding"

OOOs-12 / Horse & Deer "The Stranding" 


                  ¥ 1,200 (Tax in/JPN) 


Tokyo plasma speed punk = Horse & Deer 

First formal long-awaited album to 14 years formed. 


1. Repeating stranding

2. Cell body hair 

3. People that do not picture 

4. Value on the opposite shore 

5. Large Tokyu 

6. Laundry Laundry 

7. At the theater 

8. Kill The Engel! 


<Hardcore / Punk> (Jan 1,2014)

Available for purchase even if Amazon

Horse&Deer "Cell body hair" MV


 Horse & Deer

Formed in Celeb town Tokyo in 2001.

Release "The stranding" become first permanent sound source New Year's Day 2014,through member changes several times, production of demo CDR, such as Ahead of the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka tour with Manchester school≡,HELLO WORKS, activities energetic and steady.

Live to be carried out in a fierce tension four members becomes blend together even while facing separate vectors has received overwhelming support in a variety of scenes. 

Keep an eye also from their event to be held inviting a variety of guest hardcore, punk, psychedelic, noise, and hip-hop. 

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