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Tokyo Junk Jazz/Avant Rock DUO=HUH's NEW FULL ALBUM CD。

<Commentary:Cal Lyall>


1. Entropy (Ver.1)

2. Folly

3. Sink Or Swim

4. 84D M00N DVNC1NG

5. Boyz teach it

6. Funny your face (I don't hate)

7. Wriggles

8. Domination

9. Fuyu no Tabigarasu

10. Vein

11. Nata de coco

12. Bottom of the valley

13. Echo Echo Other Luck

14. Satanic Somethings

15. Long skit -the lottery- (Remix)

16. Shit Freak Club 

17. Beats for our canals

18. take 6 (Bonus track)


<Alternative / Junk Jazz / Avant-Rock / Experimental / Scum-Freak out>

(18 Nov.2015)




〈Special favor(only real shop)〉

2 tracks CD-R

01.henna dress Mix for HUH

02."Beats for our canals" feat. hahanoshikyu


〈Special favor for OOO SOUND WEB shop/when gig〉

3 tracks CD-R

01. henna dress Mix for HUH

02. "Beats for our canals" feat. hahanoshikyu

03. "After last the month" Remix (Prod. Kyosuke Terada)


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Bursting out of a terrifying purgatory like resurrected demons, HELL HELL YOU, HOLY HOLY ME crashes into your mind like a black magick ritual gone horribly RIGHT. The album is filled with deranged incantations, strange spells, curious charms and the conjuring of apocalyptic musical spirits. HUH are displaced tribesmen making free jazz at the end of the world, and here we find the band happily setting themselves on FIRE.

Taking everything that was good about groups like the BUTTHOLE SURFERS and CAROLINER RAINBOW, HUH has pieced together a naked and colossal beast, a shamanic puppet bent on the wholesale destruction of fidgety punk, boorish garage rock and indistinguishable art-pop. It's a music with a sense of disaster and danger, like listening to THE CRAMPS through a blown-out AM radio strapped to your head at the running of the bulls. Yep ― it's THAT good.

The album opener "Entropy (ver. 1)" places itself sometime after the industrial revolution, with something akin to a herd of typists from 1950s laying siege to a switchboard operators' bake sale. This is followed by "Folly", a series of jungle shout-outs to CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, here seemingly performed by the members of MAGMA in an attempt to sound like NOMEANSNO on Quaaludes. From this point, HUH moves on to deliver everything you ever expected from one of their unhinged live shows: smashed guitars, toppled drums, incomprehensible lyrics and a carnival of feedback side by side with the howl of existential ANGST BABIES.

In its magic moments, it sounds like you're stuck between two great radio stations: an MC5 soundcheck interrupted by a howler monkey special, or maybe a coke-fueled interview with JOHN BELUSHI. And herein lies HUH's secret: they are post-production, post-market, post-stardom, post-commercial and POST-JUSTIFICATION. It's the soundtrack to a disrupted society ― an unholy meditation on vanity, pride, stupidity and OBLIVION, perhaps in that order. Summoning all the babbling fiends they can muster, the band once again delivers new chants to those of us hungry for a different MAGIC. Extraordinary listening!

Commentary by Cal Lyall


formed 2007.

Free form improvisation / Experimental rock duo.

They collaborate with various artists (Ex.T.Mikawa,ASTRO,GOVERNMENT ALPHA,Punkuboi,PUNSUCA,etc).

They also have hosted a lot of events.

Released the album "S/T" from WORD IS OUT!(Japanese Underground music label) In July 2012.





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